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Is a Tramadol prescription for Children is good?

Tramadol is the most prescribed medication by a doctor that helps you to relieve pain.

And this medicine helps in the treatment of back pain, it is a strong painkiller. besides, it works in your brain to stop you from feeling hurtful. 

Thus, tramadol does not stop the pain from happening but you would not be able to feel the pain as much.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that Tramadol must not be good for pain treatment in children younger than 12 years as it makes them dizzy and causes them life-threatening.

What does the report say?

According to the report, Douglas Throckmorton, M.D., deputy center director for regulatory programs in the FDA’s Center, said in a statement:

“We are making these changes because we know that some children who received tramadol have experienced life-threatening challenges.

And some of them died because they broke down these medicines faster than usual. That causing serious high levels of active drug in their bodies,”

Since 1969, Tramadol cases recorder to nine cases of serious breathing problems. Including three deaths in children, according to the FDA. 

There also have been some cases of breathing problems in breastfed babies. whose mothers were taking Tramadol during their pregnancy period.

What does the FDA recommend?

The FDA recommends physicians use other medications for children to treat cough and pain. They also encouraged parents to pay close attention to the ingredients in the medication.

Thus, they give their children and seek immediate medical attention. if your children experience difficulty while breathing, or confusion, unusual sleepiness, and also cause trouble breastfeeding. 

What if a child is already taking a Tramadol?

If a child takes tramadol it starts to show any signs of : 

  • slow or shallow breathing,

  • difficult or noisy breathing,

  • confusion, 

  • or unusual sleepiness, then tramadol consumption needs to stop and take your child immediately to the hospital.

Tramadol medicine may cause many side-effects some of which are life-threatening.

And the child does not have that much potential to handle all of these side-effects. so it can be harmful to any child and it may cause them to die.

Lastly, That is the only reason that experts told not to give any tramadol to a child. 

If in any case your child is experiencing extreme pain and suffering so much. And your doctor consults to take tramadol than you.

So, should is not suitable for a child younger than 12 years old. And if your children are above 12 then you could take the risk.

Otherwise, for anyone younger than 18 years old who recently had surgery to remove the tonsils then this medicine is not good for anyone younger than 18 years old.



Tramadol is a prescribed medication to treat severe pain. but it has side-effects that can be handled by adults but when children take this medicine.

Thus, it would not be easy for them to handle and it causes death. That is why professionals always say no to tramadol to give to any child.

But they also believe that Tramadol should not be suitable to treat pain in children younger than 12 years. 


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