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Does social media cause ADHD?


Therefore, As we know that ADHD is a chronic mental disorder in children and adolescents. This is a common disorder for the past years in children and adults.

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However, it is a disorder where a person with a disorder feels inappropriate and uneasy. They seem to lose their concentration easily. Thus, they find it hard to control themselves.




Thus, around 1 in 20 children in the United States. Have ADHD.


According to a national 2016 parent survey. There are 6.1 million kids and adolescents who get affected with ADHD every year.


A population of 2.4  million children of 6 to 11 years is probably to have ADHD.


Although,  a 3.3 million population of adolescents along with the age of 12 to 17 years old are likely to have ADHD.


Thus, reports also say that boys are likely to have ADHD more than girls.


Symptoms of ADHD:


  • hard to pay attention

  • or being unable to concentrate on their work

  • or Constantly talking

  • or interrupt others while talking

  • and especially being unable to stay still,


However, It usually affects adults with ADHD. Thus, though children and adolescents with the condition may also experience it.


Moreover, people with ADHD can manage the symptoms while using medication.  Although, consult a doctor to get the right medication for your treatment.


Furthermore, ADHD is a genetic disorder, but on the other hand, the new question bubbled up. Is social media causing ADHD?


The cause of having ADHD is because of social media?


However, through this article, we will try to answer all these questions. Stick with the article to know does social media cause ADHD?


Furthermore, there is some research. And the study of a member of CHADD’s Professional Advisory Board.


However, he mentioned in his study that there is nothing linked between social media and ADHD.


They said:  “There’s nothing in this study that could suggest that,  If you’re using social media a lot.


Thus that could be a source of distraction for you, but that doesn’t mean you have ADHD.


Although, they also added that, “The good news is there is no evidence in this study. Also or anything else that shows that cell phone use would create ADHD,”.


Additionally one of the members of the study asked them a question. “If  Social media wasn’t the cause of ADHD symptoms, then what does the study observe?”


Therefore, Dr. Sibley, the researcher of the study replied to him. “In the study, there’s a connection between how much you use your phone and how many symptoms of ADHD you have,”.


Alongside, “We don’t want to confuse people struggling. and suffering from ADHD symptoms for whole life with social media.


Besides, All we know is that people who use cell phones also act more distracted. Which is not surprising for anyone. Also, not all forms of distraction are causing ADHD


What do other studies say?


Therefore, A different study also explains that ADHD is a genetic cause. Which can include some physical changes in the brain.


Lastly, the researchers say that ADHD is not caused by social media. But there are high chances that social media can increase the symptoms.


Hence, it is essential to set boundaries for using social media for a person with ADHD. The symptoms may look like ADHD but they are not so but it is also important for you to be alert.




I hope this article may help you to get your answer. Thus, it is essential to know the fact that social media does not cause ADHD.


It is a genetic disorder so do not attract unnecessary information and disturb your mind.


ADHD is a genetic disorder that tends to vary from father to son. Many children with ADHD are better able to improve their symptoms in their childhood.


Besides, most of them suffer from ADHD from childhood to their adulthood.


These are the disorders that affect the mind process and make them mentally ill or weak.


People with ADHD are more likely to lose their confidence. Besides, they also avoid as many social gatherings. because they have a thought that society will judge them.


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